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Finding Joy in a Funeral

         My daughter Karin’s funeral procession, nine years ago, brings a smile every time I think about it.          The line of cars from the church to the cemetery extended out of sight.  With such a large cortege, the Cary, … Continue reading

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How could things come to such an end? Terminated by procrastination, lies, and deceit, The beginning brought happiness, honesty, and hope. The  world whirled in wonder, being spiritually attune. But then there was hard work. Mouths to feed and minds … Continue reading

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The Softening of Grief – Remembering My Daughter

A young woman who lost her twin, Danny, a close friend of my son Greg, wrote to me a few months after Karin’s death about the hole in their family’s hearts, with the comforting words of “Karin was beautiful inside … Continue reading

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Keys to Survival While in Debilitating Grief

Have you experienced debilitating grief?  If you have not, you are a lucky or a blessed one.  Sooner or later, most will eventually suffer unbearable grief. Quote from Henri Nouwen:  “Who, in our lives, means the most to us?  Often … Continue reading

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The Mourner’s Bill of Rights

A Canadian friend of mine (we met because our husbands worked together) was in the throes of suffering the breakup of her marriage when their college age, athletic, God-honoring (he is one of the founders of the Wellspring mission) son … Continue reading

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How Long Does Grief Last?

                                In memory of my daughter, Karin Faulkner, who died at age 35 on December 15, 2008 This is an altered version of an original post, “How Long Do We Grieve?” on Maria Shriver’s blog of Jan. 30, 2013 by … Continue reading

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Worried About Stopping Your Giants in Their Tracks?

Many I know find themselves facing giants right now. Three friends, contemporaries of mine, grieve the loss of a parent this week; one parent lived to 102!!  I recognize the depth of their mourning, yet I find myself jealous, as … Continue reading

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