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Ann Voskamp — “Why God Doesn’t Heal People We Love? [Brutally] Honest Psalms #3”

A blog I follow ->  Ann Voskamp <annvoskamp@aholyexperience.com>   <-  is unique, healing, intuitive, instructive, and just plain beautiful. Today’s post brings special meaning to me.  Sometimes I feel like God replicates Job’s life in mine.  While my family is torn … Continue reading

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How could things come to such an end? Terminated by procrastination, lies, and deceit, The beginning brought happiness, honesty, and hope. The  world whirled in wonder, being spiritually attune. But then there was hard work. Mouths to feed and minds … Continue reading

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When the New Year Begins with Troubles

The New Year’s beginning lacks uplifting moments.  In fact, my last post about the coming New Year having disappointments and sadness portends too much fact.  We have barely completed two weeks, and my heart breaks with the events of this … Continue reading

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Significant Moments in History and in our Hearts

When something significant Takes place in our lives, We remember. . . We remember where we were, What we were doing, How the trauma of the moment affected us. There is no loss of memory Of the way things happened. … Continue reading

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Georgia — An All Star!

When Georgia Walsh was killed on the residential streets of Toronto last summer, the outpouring of love and compassion told me Georgia would become an icon.  The story can be found here.  Signs were developed for residential streets encouraging drivers … Continue reading

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Grief Can Bring Joy

Recently, I spoke with a friend who, like me, lost an adult child.  Her son was taken suddenly while I had 101 days of knowing my daughter would not outlive me.  In our conversation, we discussed God’s plan for our … Continue reading

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How to Face the Final Curtain Call with Courage

Cancer is like Russian Roulette; you don’t know who will get it next.  It is the scourge of our generation.  Everyone reading these words probably knows someone or perhaps several people who are dealing with cancer right now.   Once it … Continue reading

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