Finding Joy in a Funeral

         My daughter Karin’s funeral procession, nine years ago, brings a smile every time I think about it.

         The line of cars from the church to the cemetery extended out of sight.  With such a large cortege, the Cary, NC police escort the processional to the cemetery.  Two police cars rapidly passed the line of funeral cars to race to the next intersection where they set up their cars blocking all traffic allowing the mourners to continue their route together.  After the last funeral car passed, they rushed back to their vehicles, raced past the funeral procession to the next intersection to assist the easy passage of the cortege.  Eight to ten large intersections needed to be barred along the route of Cary Parkway, High House Rd., and Route 54, from the church to the cemetery in order to keep the funeral procession connected and safe. We, in the family car, quipped with each other, “Karin would have loved this treatment!”  “The world is stopping for her to pass by.”  It makes me smile every time I think of her funeral procession.

About a month after her funeral, I had a dream of Karin.  She asked why I had not ordered a WHITE hearse for her!  Of course, Karin would not have wanted a black hearse!  She had graduated to heaven.  Her hearse should have been white.  Mom failed her.

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2 Responses to Finding Joy in a Funeral

  1. Lynn Waller says:

    I have thought for a long time that there ought to be moments of joy in the funeral of a believer. That is part of being able to grieve differently from “those who have no hope.” When we lose someone who was a joyful person that will come out even in the painful moments you pictured.Tears of joy and sorrow belong together.


  2. 9awalsh says:

    Oh, yes, they do! There are moments of joy in the funeral of a believer. There was considerable laughing at comments made at the wake and funeral. We knew she was in the presence of God with her grandparents. We had bought a large pink (her favorite color!) rose spray for her casket. Before the casket was lowered, Karin’s Dad started pulling out the pink roses and handing them to the ladies at the graveside. I never would have done that, but it was a nice touch and brought smiles to many faces. Karin would have liked that too.


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