Ann Voskamp — “Why God Doesn’t Heal People We Love? [Brutally] Honest Psalms #3”

A blog I follow ->  Ann Voskamp <>   <-  is unique, healing, intuitive, instructive, and just plain beautiful.

Today’s post brings special meaning to me.  Sometimes I feel like God replicates Job’s life in mine.  While my family is torn apart by disease, death, and divorce, God heals all the ills of other families.  However, I get to see how God can turn bad things into something beautiful for Him.  I hope this blog post will feed you as it fed me.

“What if: God’s purposes are not so much for me to understand His plans: His plan is for me to understand Who He is. And He is my Peace.”


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3 Responses to Ann Voskamp — “Why God Doesn’t Heal People We Love? [Brutally] Honest Psalms #3”

  1. Ruth Watts says:



  2. Marti Hoppus says:

    I have asked this question before. I have MS that affects my swallowing greatly. I recently had a feeding tube inserted, which was life changing. 4 weeks later, I am adjusting but still ponder what will be next. My voice is also affected. I wonder, why this affect God, when I truly want to serve him with teaching and ministering to others. I rest, though, in peace, knowing His plan is better than mine and in what ever shape MS leaves me in, I want to serve Him wholeheartedly. Yes, I want to understand God more and trust Him more along with his plan for me.


    • 9awalsh says:

      Marti, I am so blessed by your response and how deeply you are trusting God. I hope, if I were in your shoes, that I would be able to praise God also. I had a brother and an aunt who suffered with MS. Like you, they did not complain. It is amazing that God can bring us through such trials with grace. God bless!


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