Angels in the Graveyards

A few years ago, two alive and healthy angels took on the task of sprucing up the tombstones in local cemeteries.  These widowed angels began the project when they found moss growing on the not-very-old grave markers of their spouses.  In the process of returning a few times to complete their task, they noted many neglected stones had the names and information obliterated by the growth of moss, lichens, and fungi.  They found the task of scrubbing, not taxing, and provided rewards.  It gave them a fun outdoor activity resulting in the improvement of the appearance of the cemetery.  Their greatest benefit—they anonymously helped others, including the deceased.  Even though family members, when visiting their loved one’s graves, may not realize their family stones have been cleaned, these angels still reveled in the fact they had bestowed a random act of kindness.  Cleaning the stone of a baby whose name had been obscured by moss fed their motherly inclinations.  They felt if their identities and deeds became known, it would diminish their generosity.

Historians and genealogists enjoy touring graveyards and reading stones. We can learn amazing things in a cemetery, sometimes comical.  While perusing the local cemetery, the stone of a classmate’s parents caught my attention. They included not only their birth and death dates, but their marriage date.  Knowing the age of their son, I chuckled to note they obviously “had to get married,” as it was termed in those days.

One of the angels told me, “I like doing things that make a difference.  Like shining shoes or ironing.  You can see what you have done.”  They certainly left a few cemeteries sparkling!

Since these angelic beings are no longer able to continue their work, if your stones need cleaning, follow these instructions —




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