A Story of Dogs, Ship, Presidents, Speed, and Being at the Right Place at the Right Time

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This morning Fox News was broadcasting the Commissioning of the new Navy aircraft carrier battleship, the Gerald R. Ford.  Wonderful event with Trump arriving by helicopter.  I had the TV on in my bedroom and living room  so that I could see/hear wherever I was.

Eventually, I was sitting on the sofa with Toby, and he was licking his paw furiously.  I noted he had been licking his paw a day or two ago, but didn’t check it out.  Looked this time and the paw is quite red between the claws plus there is a red lump or two.  Called the vet.  It was 11:40am, and they close at noon on Saturday!  They could see him, so I ran as fast as I could (I wasn’t even dressed yet!) and arrived at a very busy office with 2 other dogs, both checking out.

The vet isn’t sure what the problem is – allergies, sting, ?  I also told him Toby had eaten 4 ears of corn this week, shucks, cob, and all!!!!  So, in the process of examining him, he stuck his finger up his rear to check for blockage.  Toby did NOT like that and jumped into my lap.  As the vet was talking to me and Toby dancing on me, I asked if his assistant could take a picture.  LOL  I said this needed to be posted on Facebook.

He prescribed a med plus Benadryl.  I asked if they could babysit Toby while I ran to the grocery store next door for the Benadryl.  So we are home now, with meds in his tummy, and he is sacked out.  Sad to say, I missed the actual commissioning.

Image result for gerald r ford aircraft carrier free images

The name of this ship has special significance to me as Gerald R. Ford is the only President I have met, shook his hand, and had a brief conversation!  August 1997, we were vacationing in Vale, CO.  The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra was performing in the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater adjacent to our resort.  Since we met while in college at Rochester, NY, we, of course, attended the concert.  Gerald and Betty were there that evening!  And we sat one row and a few seats away from them!!!  At Intermission, Betty jumped up and ran out of there like an arrow, heading for the Ladies’ Room.  Meanwhile, many were lining up in the row behind us to shake the former President’s hand.  We also jumped our seats and joined the line.  It was only a fleeting moment of greeting, but I had the chance to thank him for what he did for our country after the awful days of Watergate. Later we overheard that Betty’s Secret Service detail was quite upset with her, as she totally was out of their grasp.

The Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, Vale, CO.



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