The Contagion of a Smile

Perhaps everyone has already seen this ad.  If you have not, it definitely deserves to be seen!

I spent a few years traveling daily on the Toronto subway.  As an experience in itself with a culture of its own, the passengers remain silent except for an occasional, “Excuse me,” when inadvertently bumping into someone.  Or friends riding the rails together may have their own conversation including a grin or two.  When a young child enters the train, smiles likely will appear and riders many exchange a word with the child or parent.

Another part of the culture of a subway ride happens during the freezing winter.  Shivering riders gladly squeeze onto a tight bench seat pressed up against strangers, sharing body heat. I remember that as a strange yet welcome experience.

With all the cameras which had to be a part of creating this situation, everyone on the train had to be an actor.  Yet the fabricated experience portrays what could genuinely happen.  In fact, though I cannot recall a specific situation, if a couple of giddy school girls chatted and laughed together, some nearby could easily smile at them.

This staged encounter demonstrates contagious laughter which could happen naturally as in a flash mob of musicians in a mall at Christmas.

I, who carefully watches what enters my mouth, have not had a Coke in years.  Hummmm. . .



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2 Responses to The Contagion of a Smile

  1. Andy Oldham says:

    Simply beautiful! Thanks for your gift of laughter this morning:-)


  2. Love it. I was chuckling half way through the video. Thanks for sharing, and smiling! :>)


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