All Saints’ Day


November 1 is All Saints’ Day — the day following All Hallow Eve.

Who are Saints?  In the Catholic Church, simplistically, they have a hierarchy which must be achieved during life.  After death, the Church decides who, among the worthy dead, is a Saint.

Protestants take Paul’s word at face value.  He refers to Christians as Saints. (Romans 1:7).  If you believe Jesus is the Son of God and ask forgiveness for your sins, you are a Saint, while living and after death.  A very easy process.


Not all Protestant churches celebrate All Saints’ Day.  But those who do, name the church members who died within the past year since the last All Saints’ Day as a remembrance of them.  Sometimes a bell will toll as each name is read.  It is a solemn service of honoring our deceased brothers and sisters in Christ.

The night before All Saints’ Day was known as All Hallow Eve — hallow being a synonym of saint.  All Saints Eve or All Hallow Eve eventually shortened to Halloween.*

In Hebrews 12:1, Paul writes we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. Thousands upon thousands of saved saints look down upon us.  Abraham, Hannah, Job, David, Joshua, Martha, Paul.  Your grandparent, your uncle, your neighbor, your coach. They are part of “the great cloud of witnesses” pulling for you and cheering you on!  My daughter calls from my cloud of witnesses!  They, while experiencing God’s grace, continue to pull for us to endure and reach the mark of success. Can you hear them calling to you: “Keep going!”  “You’re doing great!” “The prize is before you!” “Don’t give up!” “Keep trying!” “You will make it!”

Take heart!  Think about your loved ones who are with Jesus today!  Someday you will be cheering your grandchildren, other relatives, and loved ones in that saintly cloud of witnesses.  Steve Green sings about this great cloud of witnesses.  Listen!

*Taken from Wikipedia.


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