Living a Discombobulated Life


Discombobulated describes my state of mind, body, and surroundings!!!!  <sigh>  Why?  I am in the process of moving.  Though things are going well, they are not going well.  The important aspects of moving are just fine.  It is the fine tuning that has me off kilter!  Thus the reason for my lack of posting to my blog in the past month.  Actually, I did rework an old post yesterday, but after posting it, I realized I had reposted it a month ago!  Oh, my. . .   Definitely a sign of being befuddled!

My moving story entails: I sold my house in Fort Worth, Texas, and am moving to the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.  Why?  Because of my grandson.  Back at Eastertime, I tucked him into bed after being with him for 12 days.  At 12 years of age, he began sobbing.  I asked, “Kevin!  What is wrong?!”  The answer spoken brokenly through sobs, “Grandma.  Why can’t you move here?”  Oh, my. . . Definitely a sign I should give this serious consideration.

Kevin on FP

His parents have suggested numerous times that I move to NC as my son and his family moved away from TX with a job promotion.  I had built a life in TX, and houses cost more in NC.  I went downstairs and told his parents he was crying.  My daughter-in-law, a realtor, said, “I have told you I can find a house you can afford.”  My reply as I pointed a finger at her: “Show me one tomorrow before my flight!”


The next day she took me to see new townhomes being built 30 minutes from their house.  These affordable, pleasant homes lacked space which my Texas home flaunts.  At first, I thought, there is no way I can fit into this house.  But then the salesman showed us a two story model with huge master bedroom upstairs.  OK.  My furniture will fit there, and my office furniture can fit in the first floor master bedroom.  Definitely a sign I should give this scrutiny.

Immediately, I realized this townhouse lacked two rooms which I had in Texas:  a TV/toy/piano room and a scrapbooking/craft room.  The piano and TV can move into the great room. I no longer need toys as the kids are growing up.  Things the younger ones would still enjoy have been shipped off to them in OK. Most of the scrapbooking furniture can move into the large closet of the main floor master bedroom.  My bins and boxes of stuff may have to go to the attic until I can finish up some projects.  And I love the attic — a walk-in from my master closet!  Still, the great room is not big enough for all of my dining room furniture.  The china cabinet must go as well as the furniture in the TV/toy room.  Definitely something which can easily be done.

Upon returning home, someone posted on my neighborhood board, “We recently moved to <my subdivision> and love it.  I have a daughter who already lives here and another daughter who would like to buy a single story house.  Does anyone know of one available?” I wrote back that I was thinking of selling.  The mother and two daughters came to check it out.  They all loved my house, and a deal was closed by word of mouth!

The salesman pointed out to me, there is a closet under the stairs beside the location for the dining room table!  That “Harry Potter” closet can hold shelves and cabinets filled with my formal dining supplies and dishes.  Heirloom dishes and excess silver went to relatives while I kept the necessities for setting a formal table.  The excess found their way to Goodwill for someone else to love.  Definitely a feel-good move for relatives wanting heirlooms and others who would enjoy pretty things.

fish pond

The salesman showed us the lots available.  One unit of my model backs onto a street with nothing on the other side of the street except an enchanting fishing pond surrounded by dense forest.  Now the only issue is building my townhouse.  Early August was the proposed completion date.  Being somewhat wise, I booked a mover for the end of August.  When August came, the prediction for completion changed to the end of September!  Meanwhile, I had a closing date of August 25 for my Texas home which left me homeless for a month.  Definitely an issue to resolve.


A few days before the 25th, packers arrived to bundle up my belongings.  On the 24th, the loaders arrived to fill the truck.  I moved to Texas four years ago with an 18 wheeler moving van partially filled – one half to two thirds is my memory of that load.  After getting rid of much stuff and furniture for this move, my goods filled three fourths of the truck!  Not sure how that happened except the packers used more paper than I had ever seen packers use before.  Therefore, they used more boxes.


Fortunately, family and friends are receptive and hospitable – especially Kevin’s family!  Beyond Labor Day, I am doing a dance between the homes of friends and family in the northeast until I can expect my truck to arrive — definitely a relief!


Pray with me about my move and settling into a new place.  So far, I have visited two Rotary Clubs in search of the best one for me, registered to begin Community Bible Study lessons nearby, signed up to sing in a local Community Chorus which performs The Messiah annually, and skated at my new local arena – beautiful ice and facility! Finding a church will have to wait until I am in my new home. Definitely signs of a bright future!




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5 Responses to Living a Discombobulated Life

  1. Kathy Robinson says:

    I will be praying things untangle into something smooth and inviting very soon! I am only sad we still won’t be close to each other. You have such a gift for service and I have no doubt you will fit in there easily.


  2. Mary Lang Edwards says:

    You are always so adaptable and I am certain you will do well. You would be welcomed here most any time and we will have to get together this fall. Many hugs to you from MLE.


  3. Andy Oldham says:

    Hope you had a good move and everything went well. I know your grandson is smiling 😃


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