Stretch Your Life in Positive Ways

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Stretch means to expand, elongate, extend, bridge, span, reach.  Each definition has a slightly different meaning.  Some have positive connotations and some have negative.

The term, stretch, has come up in conversation several times recently:

*My grandson’s swim teacher says that the stretching of swimming will help him                    to grow tall.

*My physical therapist suggests I need to stretch my spine to alleviate twinges of pain.

*It seems perpetual that budgets need to be stretched.

*Stretching the truth means it no longer is the truth.  Beware of politics!

*Cheating is a form of stretching the truth.

**This summer my grandson participated in a sports camp playing a  different                   game every hour.  He was appalled at how many kids cheated in the games.  I am so pleased he has a solid grasp of what is correct and what is not.

**A relative related to me this week about employees who cheat concerning the work they have done in order to pad their pay checks.  Even the boss contributes to this dishonest practice.  It places an honest person in a difficult situation.

Oct. 17, 14-dWe often wish to stretch time, to give another hour to a project or another hour of daylight for fun in the sun.

Sometimes we desire to stretch ourselves in new directions – to try new activities or to improve upon current talents.

However, stretching values might negate the advantage of clinging to what is circumspect and deemed to be Christian behavior.  On the other hand, stretching other values could be a very Christian act to do —to be loving and inclusive.

A meal can be easily stretched.  If the main dish is not quite enough for the group of diners at the table, adding additional side dishes of fruits or vegetables or cheese can add enough to the meal for all the diners to leave the table satisfied.

Stretching in bed as a cat stretches, reaching the arms as far as they can go while pushing the toes to the opposite extremity, relaxes the body before sleep and awakens the body after sleep.

Consider the many forms of stretching you do in a day.  And which of your stretches are beneficial and which are unnecessary or harmful.


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