Beauty Is In the Eye of the Grandchild


It is fun to realize your grandchildren can teach you!  My grandson, who is now 12, spends summers with me.

A friend called to ask if she could drop by my house, so I told him we needed to clean things up a bit before she arrived. 12 year old boys do tend to mess things up just a little.  I straightened my coffee table to look like this:  my coffee-table book at an inviting angle with the main decoration on the table off to the upper side.

IMG_0638Then I noted he had rearranged my table as if I had not already fixed it.  He didn’t seem to like my arrangement and changed it to this:

IMG_0639It was a bit too blocky for my taste, plus one is not invited to pick up the coffee-table book if something is on top of it.  My response to him was, “You shouldn’t put something on top of a book!”  He insisted his arrangement was much more pleasing to the eye than mine.  So I suggested we look up coffee tables on the Houzz app.  I was sure he would see that books on a coffee table are to be accessible to potential readers.

We did a search for “coffee tables.”  The first picture to come up had a plant on a stack of books!  Really?!  A plant which could leak water onto the book it is on?!  Coming from a librarian, that is NO WAY to treat a book!!!

Moving on. . .  there were three small stacks of books neatly squared in line with the edges of the coffee table.  The next few photos showed a decoration on the table with a book or small stack of books jauntily placed.  My style!  Thus inviting a guest to pick up the book and not feel inhibited by something sitting on top of the books.

In the end, there were as many photos with an object (often a plant or a vase of flowers with water — HORRORS!) on top of a book or books.  I had not won my argument, and the stemmed dish of glass balls remained on top of the one coffee-table book.

However, in the end, he did demonstrate how to have a “jauntily” placed book beside the table decoration:  You have a few books angled just so, to create a pleasure to the discerning eye.

IMG_0637Actually, I should have had him take these photos.  I am sure his photography would have superseded mine!


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2 Responses to Beauty Is In the Eye of the Grandchild

  1. Ruth watts says:

    That kid is extraordinary!!


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