Cheapening the Gospel

A thought – provoking quote from Steve Rebus’ blog :

“In an effort to gain “converts,” Christians often refrain from telling the full story. We want people to follow, so like cheap salesmen, we share the benefits without explaining the cost. We tell them about Jesus’ promises of life and forgiveness, but we don’t mention His calls for repentance and obedience.  We avoid His promise that we will experience persecution.  When we do this, we cheapen the gospel.”

Francis Chan, You and Me Forever:  Marriage in Light of Eternity

Source: Cheapening the Gospel





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2 Responses to Cheapening the Gospel

  1. In a culture where many are so sensitive to what is politically correct, it is no wonder many are cheapening the gospel to give the crowd something palatable to digest. It may well be that we are ashamed of the gospel of JESUS which is the power of GOD unto to salvation. How many of us would stand up and preach like JESUS, knowing we are offending many? JESUS, as they were leaving, intensified HIS message. “Yeah, unless you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood, you have no part in me.” In my own words. The gospel can be very offensive, still we must preach it unashamed so people can truly be saved. “Yeah like that thing called sin; it’s still sin.”


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