Transfixed But Not Dead


My Bible study workbook asked the question:  Have you ever had a negative experience where you can see God’s hand in the process and in the positive outcome?  Explain.   Yes!  Several times, but the one with the greatest financial impact concerned a major move.  Briefly, we built a new home near Toronto on a premium lot with natural forest left untouched in the deep backyard.  Each of the homes on this cul-de-sac had a significant grouping of mature trees.  The builder charged extra for the treed lots.  The rest of the homes in that subdivision had the normal one or two trees, but not raw woods like we had. Two years later, my then-husband was offered a COO position too good to refuse in San Diego.


IMG_0175To my amazement, none of the realtors I interviewed to list our house would list it for more than the tree-less houses in the area, including the builder’s sales person who originally touted the value of the treed lots.  The sad story:  we sold our house for considerably less than we had in it.  I thought we would never own a home again.  We moved to a beautiful rental home in California, two houses from the ocean cliffs, and, due to the elevation, had an uninhibited view of the ocean from the living room with two walls of glass.  Phenomenal!  But we could never afford to buy that house.


The job came with a golden parachute:  if either he (the COO) or the CEO decided they were not a match within a year, one could trigger the parachute.  As the year drew to an end, the two executives did not see company success in the same light.  My then-husband pulled the string to open the parachute.  He came home and settled into the hot tub on the patio.  I had never seen him so depressed.  He looked beaten/whipped/dead.  Within two weeks, he returned to a former company in Chicago as a VP, with cash in pocket available for a house down-payment!


That crazy ride included blessings and depths of despair.  But the blessings outweighed the dark days.  The tough times proved God’s provisions and secure plans.  The positives we experienced that year, included not only San Diego, California (America’s Finest City!), but peace, contentment, joy, gratitude, enlightenment, and renewed trust in God’s leading.  God remained in control.

The Walsh family motto is “Transfixus sed non est Mortuus” (Transfixed but not dead).  This has been true for our family, but I think it has more to do with God than with genealogy.  As long as our hearts are right with God and we are seeking His guidance, we can expect a happy ending.


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A genealogist and writer who has uncovered legacy stories which must be told. I also write a blog, Deciphering Life, trying to figure out why life becomes so tangled --
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