End of a Marriage


On June 28, 1969, we married at our college church in a ceremony conducted by the groom’s father and assisted by the bride’s brother.  The groom’s brother served as best man while another brother of the bride played the organ.  The wedding couple sang a prayer on their knees — “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us.”

Wedding 045 (2)

We separated November 1, 2011.  A 42 year marriage does not fizzle overnight.  It took 4.5 years to end.  But end it did today — in a jury room with everyone complaining of the heat from the sun blazing through the west windows.  For the first time since being in Canada the past few days, my body, which loves the Texas heat, found the room temperature comfortable.

wedding 016 (2)

We listened to the demise of a talented businessman who no longer has a helpmate eager to keep his personal and corporate books baked until well done.  Which also means the alien wife finds her future lacking the luxuries of bygone years.  But — as I keep saying — God is good!  He looks after the birds of the fields; He will look after me.

I am sure these divorce veterans at the courthouse had not witnessed a divorce of friendly, loving people before.  There was absolutely no animosity in the room (except for our lawyers a time or two).  As we prepared to leave the room, one of the young ladies servicing our finale, complimented my speaking voice.  I returned with, “If you like my voice, I will sing for you,” and I dove into the Carpenters’ song. . .

What do you get when you fall in love?
(as I walked toward him as he tried to move away, and the girls laughed!)
A guy with a pin to burst your bubble.
That’s what you get for all your trouble!
(and on cue, my singing partner of many years broke into tenor harmony)
I’ll never fall in love again,
No, I’ll never fall in love again.
(which brought a laugh from our audience.)

On my drive back to my friend’s house, I was in a singing mood and sang several songs beginning with “The Lord Is My Shepherd” (arranged by Thomas Matthews) which our soloist sang at our wedding.

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Then I continued with other favorites of mine:  “Blessed Assurance” and “How Great Is Our God.”


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A genealogist and writer who has uncovered legacy stories which must be told. I also write a blog, Deciphering Life, trying to figure out why life becomes so tangled -- www.9awalsh.wordpress.com
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8 Responses to End of a Marriage

  1. Kathy Robinson says:

    Sigh….I know God has not fallen off the throne. And I know he will look after you. But I am sad for you at the same time.


  2. Diane Toycen says:

    What a lovely blog. So glad that both of you were able to handle a difficult situation with such grace. Singing that song together was priceless and I’m sure memorable for all who witnessed it.
    All the prayers must have helped.


  3. Richard Green says:

    Sister and cousin,
    Praise God for His free gift…..I’ve been there and done that and since have been single for 31 years. I know the heartbreak and the relief of it all when finished. God’s love is not like that,, He calls us before we know Him, he NEVER leaves us or forsakes us. It rains on all! I pray for your settled spirit. God Bless.


    • 9awalsh says:

      I Cor. 7:28 — If you should marry, you will have trouble in this life and I am trying to spare you.
      Paul sure has a bad recommendation for marriage! Thanks for the prayers!


  4. Richard Green’s post is spot on. I’ve only been single about 18 years, and God has been with me every minute of it, through the very difficult times as well as the easier!! He WILL provide all you need, and beyond! In the last two weeks, He has dropped a brand new home into my lap. It is being built specifically for my best friend and me to be able to rent for the remainder of our lives. (even to the point of us choosing every part of it!) God’s promises are true…and His Word is full of them! Praying for you, Nina…with love!!


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