Diet as Noun or Verb Can Be a Happy Word or Not-so-Happy Word


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Aren’t we all on a diet of some kind?  If not to lose weight, then for our bodies to have an equilibrium to avoid health and allergy issues.  In a broad sense, diet delineates what we eat.  Most people have an unguarded diet–meaning they eat whatever they want to eat.  Others have a regulated diet–considering whether they consume the correct proportions of protein, carbs, etc. Vegetarians would fall under the regulated diet category. Then many diet (as a verb) limiting foods intending to reduce one’s weight. Another category of diet includes those forced to eliminate certain foods for allergy or health reasons.

Cleveland Clinic publishes an online newsletter which I highly recommend.  Every issue contains valuable health information.  The current issue has an article “Sugar or Fat: What’s worse for your waistline?” which I found to be enlightening.  Read it and see if you learn something!

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