Accidents Can Be a Blessing


In a recent devotional, Max Lucado likened taking a dirty car into a carwash as being similar to what God does to us at the moment of salvation — He washes us clean inside and out, and sends us back on the road with a new spirit.

A few weeks ago, I was sandwiched between a Tahoe and a Camry in a traffic jam.  Max’s metaphor jarred my realization of a similar parallel.  In spite of taking exceptional care of my two year old, Acura, it can be damaged by others in my vicinity who are less careful.  Even though the Holy Spirit abides within us, we are not exempt from bumps and bruises.  In fact, those bumps and bruises can be the best things to happen for us — they make us grow!  We become more mature Christians with greater empathy for others, thus better equipped to give help or bring comfort to others in need.


The worst part of this car experience for me was having my front license plate crumpled.  I chose plates which match my car, and used my inventive “phonetic” spelling of my first name with my other initials.  I am probably more proud of my license plate than my car!  Silly, but that’s persnickety me.  Which reminds me of when, very young, I played around the creek just beyond our backyard.  Someone threw a stone in which splashed water all over my dress.  I ran home crying to my mother, “Get it off!  Get if off!”

Fortunately, my appointment the morning of the fender bender was not time sensitive.  And I met two new acquaintances!  I firmly believe everything which happens to us occurs for a purpose.  Romans 8:28 – “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

Due to a catastrophe in my support, I considered selling my almost new vehicle for something much less expensive.  While talking to others and praying about my situation, the accident happened.  Had it not been for the fender bender delaying my inclination to do something quickly about my car, I could have made a bad mistake.  God not only intervened in the minor collision, He provided a miraculous break in payments.


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2 Responses to Accidents Can Be a Blessing

  1. Richard Lee Green says:

    Praise God for your faith in giving our Heavenly Father the glory. God always shows and gives us what we need when we trust Him by keeping His precepts. This the real love God is about. Thank you.


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