What Happened That David Wrote a Psalm?


Have you ever read a Psalm and wondered what was happening in David’s life at the moment he wrote that Psalm — what were his trials, failings, yearnings for protection, pleas for help, and his worship of God.  While studying I and II Samuel with Community Bible Study (CBS), I kept track of the correlations between what we were studying and the Psalms which David composed as a result of his life events.  The page numbers in parentheses refer to pages in the CBS Study Guide.

Based upon the CBS* lessons:   Servants of God
                   Compiled by Nina H. Walsh
Biblical Account Events David’s Psalm About the Event
I Sam. 16 God chose David. Ps. 78:70-72
I Sam. 17:1-30 Goliath.   How to handle the Goliaths in your life. Ps. 31:2; Ps. 91:1-6; Ps. 44:6-7
I Sam. 17:1-30 He may have prayed this as he faced Goliath Ps. 59:5-10
I Sam. 18:5&14 David was successful in all things because the Lord was with him. Ps. 1 and Ps. 139:23-24
Why David is not shaken by anything. Ps. 16:8; Ps. 56:3-4
David sings in hard times.. Ps. 59:16-17
I Sam. 19:10-12 Saul tried to kill David as he played for him. Michal helped him escape Ps. 59:1-4; 16
I Sam. 21 David is on the run. Psalms of penitence. Ps.38:17-18; 21-22
I Sam. 21 David facing fear. Ps. 56:4,11
I Sam. 22 David escapes to the cave of Adullam, pours out his grief; then words of praise Ps. 142 & 57
I Sam. 22:6-23 Doeg responded to Saul’s message. Ps. 52
I Sam. 22:6-23 Our safety. Ps. 4:8
I Sam. 23:1-18 David wrote this in the wilderness of Ziph. Ps. 63
I Sam. 23:19-24:7 The Ziphites went to Saul to betray David. Ps. 54
I Sam. 22-24 David lived these words; he knew this to be true — In spite of troubles, God delivers. Ps. 34:4-6, 11-14, 19
I Sam. 22-24 David’s words describe his position. Ps. 31:24; 57:9-10
I Sam. 24 David waited for God’s plan to be fulfilled. Ps. 37:5
I Sam. 26-27 Though David hopes God will deliver him from tribulation, he states the Lord protects. Ps. 4:8; 27:1
I Sam. 30:6 David was distressed, but strengthened himself in the Lord. Ps. 32:1-2; Ps. 18:1-3
I Sam. 31 Saul’s and his sons’ bodies are mutilated. Saul’s house was not built on God’s foundation. Ps. 127:1
II Sam. 2 David’s decision-making process of where to go. Ps. 25:4-5,8-9; Ps. 37:4; Ps. 16:11
II Sam. 2:4-7 David showed respect to Saul. He knew vengeance belonged to God. Ps. 94:1
II Sam. 5 This man after God’s own heart continues to disobey God and repent. Ps. 139:23-24; Ps. 24:10
II Sam. 5:2 David is to be a shepherd to the people of Isreal. Ps. 16:11; Ps. 31:2; Ps. 24:10
II Sam. 5:19,23 David inquired of the Lord before battle. Ps. 24:8
II Sam. 7:18-29 David’s prayer of gratitude. Ps. 89:1
II Sam. 6:5,14-15 David sang, played instruments, and danced before the Lord. Psalms – the ultimate song writer!
II Sam. 7:15-16 The Davidic Convenant. Ps. 89:4
II Sam. 9:5 & 10:1 Shobi and Machir are a gift from God. (p.172) Ps. 23:5
II Sam. 8 & 10 David’s military victories. Ps. 18:3
Yet, David’s victories are not always easy. Ps. 60:1-3,12
David recognized God’s kingdom was forever and God had unlimited power. Ps. 145:3,13;Ps. 24:8
II Sam. 7:18-29 David understood the Lord of Hosts is the God of Israel. Ps. 19:4-6
II Sam. 11-12 David’s sins, repentence, and forgiveness. Ps. 51; Ps.32:1-5; Ps.37:23-24; Ps.103:1-5
II Sam. 15 Ahithophel conspires against David with Absalom. Ps. 3; Ps. 41:9; Ps. 55; and perhaps Ps. 143
II Sam. 15 Learning of the insurrection may have made David ill resulting in these Psalms. Ps. 31; Ps. 41; Ps. 55
II Sam. 13-18 Psalms David wrote in exile. Ps. 3, 4, 39, 41, 55, 61, 62, 63, 143
II Sam. 13-18 Psalms David may have written in exile. Ps. 25, 28, 58, 109
II Sam. 13-18 David knows God to be loving, merciful, and forgiving; though sinners by nature. Ps. 103:8; 103:17; Ps. 51:5
Because David trusted God, received blessings,we are blessed with his writings. (p. 174) Ps. 143:6-7,8-12
II Sam. 22 David’s Song of Deliverance. Ps. 18
II Sam. 23:2 States the Lord gives him his words. Ps. 18; Ps. 22
Because his words are inspired by the Lord, the vengeance he writes is from God. (p. 194) Ps. 69:22-28
David trusted God’s covenant. (p. 195) Ps. 89:1
David rejoices in God’s salvation (p. 195) Ps. 13:5b
David longs to be in God’s sanctuary (p. 199) Ps. 27:4
David urges all to priase the Lord! (p.199) Ps. 150
Luke 1:32-33 The promise of the fulfillment of the Davidic covenant (p. 200) Ps. 105:8
*Though I composed this list based upon my CBS lessons, this chart is not sanctioned by CBS.

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  1. Ruth says:

    I’m in psalms now. I’ll refer to this list. I have often wondered the same thing about correlations.


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