Even When We Can’t Be There, God Is

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Repost from Holley Gerth

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. {Ps. 46:1 NIV}

What a great reminder!  None of the eight most dear people in my life (I feel guilty limiting that number to only eight, as they are so many more too!!!) are too far away for me to be able to help on an “immediate,” rescue basis.  But God is there for them.  And God is here for me too in troubled times when my loved ones are distant.

The last paragraph of Holley’s post (be sure to read the entire post!):

This is the beautiful truth we can trust for ourselves and others: We are never alone. In the moments when we feel helpless to do anything we can count on a God who can help more than we can even imagine. He’s not even a phone call, email or hug away—He’s right there with us right now, right here, every moment of every day.

Check out this video of Kari Jobe’s I am Not Alone stating the truth of God’s love and omnipresence eloquently and melodiously.  I hope this song gets stuck in your brain today!





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