In Spite of the Hustle and Bustle, Christmas Brings Cheer

Yes, I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS.  Everything about it!  The parties, the decorations, the gift buying and wrapping, the cookies, the fruitcake — I love it all!  Even the crowds!

Through my indecision and stalling, I still needed one more gift which I had decided to be a Dillards gift card, as my son’s wife had suggested.  That way he gets what he wants and it fits him.  I understand that!!   🙂   Since the mall is a half hour from my house, I like to combine that long a trip with something else in the general direction.

A couple of days ago, I saw a young woman in the grocery store wearing the cutest Christmas leggings.  I commented, “I LOVE your leggings!  I must know where you got them!”  She replied they are only $8 at “Your Girlfriend’s Closet” on Facebook, a home sales business, plus they will ship anywhere.  I decided, after church, to drive to the house with Christmas leggings, then to Dillard’s.  Unfortunately, the really cute leggings were gone, but I did get some leggings with brown and white, reindeer, and snowflakes.


Then on to the mall.  Fortunately, Christmas is my cup of tea!  Maneuvering around the lanes, parking lots, and parking ramps challenged the frustrated bumper to bumper drivers intending to shop.  Plainly, in the ramp, one could inch around in circles trying to find parking without ever attaining a spot.  So I returned to where I had entered the environs of Dillards.  I pulled into a small parking area just to check it out.  A red Jeep pulled out!  Thank you, Lord!  Between there and the store, I had to balance on a curb to stay out of mud and duck under rope barricades separating lanes to keep cars where they belonged.  A little tricky, but I can be tricky too.

Fifteen steps into the store, I saw a clerk and asked where I could buy a gift card.  “Right here!” and led me to a register.  Done!  In five minutes!  But then another fifteen minutes, instead of the normal one or two minutes, ensued trying to exit the mall and jump onto the Interstate.

While navigating the busy, complicated new highway (complicated because each side has two lanes of service road, two lanes of normal travel, and two lanes of tollroad with speed limit of 70, I realized I was smiling.  This type of traffic, slowed to only 30 mph, angers drivers, yet I drove calmly while smiling and thinking — It is Christmas!!!  Everyone on the road is celebrating Christmas!  Whether people acknowledge it as Jesus’ birth or not, they still celebrate His birthday.

In December, I end each conversation with store clerks and others with, “Merry Christmas!”  Rarely, does anyone parrot my words.  Usually, I hear, “Happy Holidays!” or “You too!”  Store clerks, probably forbidden from mentioning the Christmas word, assist their employers to greedily reap the benefits of Christmas — the word they cannot say!  Christ giggles all through December as humans try to not acknowledge the holiday everyone loves and celebrates, while every year, we earthly creatures make it a more extravagant celebration!

Bring on Christmas with all the trimmings and trappings of tunes, tinsel, tea cakes, turkey, tributes, trinkets, tissue paper, trees, treats, trifle, travel, and TOYS!!!



About 9awalsh

A genealogist and writer who has uncovered legacy stories which must be told. I also write a blog, Deciphering Life, trying to figure out why life becomes so tangled --
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4 Responses to In Spite of the Hustle and Bustle, Christmas Brings Cheer

  1. Richard Lee Green says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year………May God’s mercy and justice be formost in all hearts……I would suggest He’s sad, not laughing, yet allowing His Holy Spirit to call all on whom it rains!


    • 9awalsh says:

      Everyone wants to celebrate Christmas but not call it that. They want the tradition without the religion. I think God did that on purpose! He tricked the unbelieving world into celebrating his son’s birth! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too, Richard!


  2. Lynn Waller says:

    Another good one, Nina. Thanks


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