God Sent a Bird as a Reminder

2015.11.11 PapaI am not the type of person to have a daily scheduled appointment with God. If I save up my prayer requests for a specified prayer time, invariably, my mind will wander and the session is fruitless.

Max Lucado promotes an idea called the Pocket Prayer which consists of:
You are good
I need help
They need help
Thank you
In Jesus’ name.

I have written that prayer outline on a Post-It attached to the outside of my shower door. As I enter the shower each morning, I see that note and bring my most current needs to the Lord. Honestly, it is the rare day I complete that prayer. My mind usually wanders. My kids say I have ADD.

The method of communicating with God which works for me is to “pray without ceasing” as Paul recommends in I Thessalonians 5:17.  That is exactly how I operate: we talk all day long! As something or someone comes to mind — anytime, anywhere, I say silent sentence prayers right then.

The act of severing a 42 year old marriage is long, arduous, filled with potholes, exhausting, frightening, sprinkled with unexpected twists and turns, expensive, fraught with obfuscation, mind-boggling, emotional, unChristian, peppered with untruths, and inevitable. Though a temporary spousal support agreement is signed, the major commitment remains ignored. Festering revelations have come along which I would like to ignore.

Through this process, God has repeatedly reminded me of a verse I learned as a young girl: Matthew 6:26. “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” When I begin to worry, that verse comes to mind.

This morning found me literally on my knees. Then I went back to my desk.

For the past three years in this house, House Finches have built nests and raised several broods in my hanging baskets — front and back porches. I have chronicled the amazing stories on my Facebook page. It is November. Birds are not building nests at this time of year, yet, this morning a Papa House Finch came to my front porch hanging baskets as I sat at my desk. I ran for my camera to capture the moment and report back to my Facebook friends. Several minutes later, the truth of the moment came to mind. God sent that bird to tell me — Stop worrying! I have promised to take care of you. Everything will be all right!

God is good!


About 9awalsh

A genealogist and writer who has uncovered legacy stories which must be told. I also write a blog, Deciphering Life, trying to figure out why life becomes so tangled -- www.9awalsh.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to God Sent a Bird as a Reminder

  1. Ruth Watts says:

    Nina, I identified deeply with both the pain and the joy you are experiencing. God will surely bring you through. I am living evidence to his power to give beauty in place of ashes, the oil of joy in place of mourning, & a garment of praise in place of a spirit of heaviness. Keep watching every day for his little reminders of His love and care for you.


  2. Diane Toycen says:

    Nice to read your experience and insights. May God continue to reveal His presence to you.


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