Paul, the Holy Spirit, and Me

holyspiritA while ago, my study group spent a year on the book of The Acts of the Apostles.  It’s name could be The Acts of Paul, or even the Acts of the Holy Spirit. During our final session, we shared how the study had impacted our lives.

Recognizing how the Holy Spirit works and His particular involvement in my life brought new meaning to me.  Although, I didn’t learn something I didn’t already know, my thoughts expanded on who the person and mission of  the Holy Spirit are and how He interacts in my life.

Reviewing how the Holy Spirit aided Paul, I recalled ways the Holy Spirit had affected me.  It was the Spirit who stopped Paul from going to  Asia in chapter 16.  And it was the Spirit who constrained him to go from Ephesus through Macedonia and Achaia before going to Jerusalem in Acts 19.

Most Christians are aware of times when God opens and shuts doors which, in essence, must be the Holy Spirit showing us the right and wrong thing to do.  September 16, 2011, I heard a voice say to me, “You’ve done the right thing!  You should have done it sooner.  Move as far away as you can!”  At the time, I attributed those words to my deceased daughter.  I say my very technological daughter has figured out God’s technology and communicates with me, though rationality tells me it was God.  Now I realize it was the Holy Spirit!  And I obeyed!  I moved to Texas three years ago!  That is about as far away as you can get from Toronto, my last home.

When Paul was taken from Jerusalem to Cesarea at night to protect him from the Jews who wanted to kill him, 200 soldiers, 70 horsemen, and 200 spearmen, accompanied him. God meant business in his protection of Paul to the point of overkill.

God did the same for me that year we studied Acts.  Someone who had threatened me lay in wait for me to return  home.  While on my way home that night, I was on the phone with a relative. Approaching my driveway, I asked the relative to stay on the phone with me a while longer as I suspected that scary person might be waiting for me.  He confirmed my fears.  So I said, “Then I am not going home!  I am going straight to the police.”

After a policeman heard my story, and asked what I wanted from them, I requested an escort home.  When we arrived behind my condo development, I saw a very large armored-type truck in a parking space with men inside.  I thought that strange, but my preoccupation kept my mind elsewhere.  I asked my police escort to please wait while I went inside to get my dog and bring him out for a brief potty run, because I didn’t want to be outside alone in the night.  As I left the house with Guinness, I saw a S.W.A.T. team jumping out of the truck.  I was stunned and impressed.  Later I realized God the Holy Spirit was watching out for me and proving His protection, again to the point of overkill!

Blessing us with spiritual gifts is another function of the Holy Spirit.  In my current circumstances, I am finding God’s blessings all around me, and have achieved a level of continual joy after enduring the sad, destructive days of a few years ago.  I do praise God for all He has done for me.  When people hear my story and express sympathy, I say, “Don’t be sorry!  God is good! He is leading me to a better life!”  After settling into my new routine, a friend emailed me, “Your life sounds exciting and fulfilling.  I love how you make the best of every situation.  It’s a gift!”  She said it!  It is a gift from the Holy Spirit!


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