What is the Best Practice Today on Eating Halloween Candy?

candy dishI was raised in a family with sweet tooths.  We always had one or two dishes of candy in the house — one in the living room for guests, and one in the family room for us.  The pictured candy dish, kept in my curio cabinet of heirlooms, was my mother’s and still holds her favorite candy — pink wintergreen wafers.

Dessert was an essential of every meal.  Including breakfast, at least, for my father!  He HAD to have a cookie after his bowl of Cornflakes combined with Puffs.  My mother did a lot of baking, but we had a Farnsworth Cookie Factory near us.  They sold “seconds” in boxes.  Very cheap!  Not pretty, yet yummy.

I am an organized person from birth.  I limited myself to eating only so many pieces of candy per day.   I don’t remember. . .  probably 1 or 2, as candy bars were normal sized bars, not miniatures.  Actually, in my youth, there was NO fear of being hurt or poisoned by Halloween treats.  In my little town of 500 people, many homes handed out homemade cookies or popcorn balls.  The popcorn balls were a hit.  I remember kids on the street telling each other where to go for the popcorn balls!  Apples, sometimes candy apples or caramel apples, were popular Halloween treats. The truth is, I usually had candy from the candy dish or a cookie as soon as I walked in the door from school.  Daily, I would sit down with my snack including milk and a Little Lulu comic book.

As a parent, we did not have a constant open dish of candy in the house.  The Best Practice when my kids were little was to let them eat as much as they wanted on Halloween, then brush their teeth.  The goal was to have the candy GONE quickly.  If they got sick, that removed some of the candy from their system.  But having lingering candy meant a higher possibility of cavities.  Greg gorged on his candy, but I don’t remember him ever being sick.  Karin was highly organized, and I am sure she doled out only a few pieces per day.  My home did NOT give out candy.  The kids were getting too much of that anyway.  I gave out Halloween pencils or spider rings or other Halloween party favors I could find at Target or Walmart.

Would love to read your answer to my question!  AFTER you respond, you may read this article with excellent pointers.


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