Prayer to the Infant Jesus in Prague

Infant Jesus.Prague

There is a representation of the Infant Jesus in the Church of Our Lady Victorious within the Prague Castle area in Prague, Czech Republic, which is reputed to have healing powers.  There is a gallery of over 80 vestments, gifts from around the world, for this figure.  The vestment is changed eight times a year, according to the church calendar.  A prayer, written by the Venerable Father Cyril of the Mother of God, Discalced Carmelite, the first promoter of the devotion to the Infant Jesus of Prague (1590-1675), is printed at the kneeling benches.  I find the prayer to be excellent if prayed with sincerity to Jesus Christ in heaven.  Who am I to say that God will not respect this prayer said sincerely even if directed to this inanimate doll.

O Infant Jesus, I run to You.  Begging You through Your Holy Mother to save me in this need (name it), for I truly and firmly believe that your Divinity can defend me.  Full of trust I hope in You to obtain Your holy grace.  I love You with all my heart, I am painfully sorry for my sins and on my knees I beg You, O Little Jesus, to free me from them.  My resolution is to improve and never more to offend You.  Therefore, I offer myself to You, ready to suffer everything for You and to serve You faithfully.  I will love my neighbour as myself from my heart for the love of You.  O Little Jesus, I adore You, O Mighty child, I implore You, save me in this need (you can mention it here), that I may enjoy You eternally, with Mary and Joseph see You and with all the angels adore You.  Amen






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