Memories of Mom

1953 Mom & me

Mother’s Day when I was 6 in our mother/daughter dresses.

Memories of Mom

Things she did:
o   Could hear the cookie jar open!  How??
o   Affectionate and cuddly.
o   Gave me wings to let me fly.
o   Annually volunteered to be one of the Cabin Moms at our church camp.
o   Sang in the church choir and often sang solos.
o   Planted a large flower garden.  Strangers would stop to take pictures of it!
o   Helped my Dad with the huge vegetable garden on rented land.  Then canned or froze the harvests.
o   Kept an immaculate house.
o   We had large windows throughout our house.  She never closed the drapes.  Our house on Main St. was a fishbowl at night.  I think she liked showing off her attractive décor.
o   My first piano teacher at age 4.  In first grade, she drove me to a teacher.
o   Read stories to me.
o   Spoiled me.  My only required household chore was dusting on Saturday mornings.  I helped with many things including dishes and making my bed, but they were not requirements.
o   Bought me an ice skating rink from Sears catalog.
o   Sewed clothes for my dolls.
o   Gave me the large alcove off the front room as my playhouse complete with toy kitchen appliances, doll furniture and buggy, iron that warmed and ironing board, roll-top desk, table and chairs.
o   Friends often came to my house to play.
o   Living in a small town of only 500, I was allowed to roam the creek and hills behind our house, and to ride my bike anywhere within the town.
o   Modeled being involved in church, school, town activities, and even beyond our town.
o   Dressed fashionably for our modest lifestyle.
o   My chauffeur to activities beyond our town.
o   Became the town library’s Children’s Librarian.  She read stories or gave book talks to each of the elementary school’s classes as we had no school library.  When the Librarian retired, she took the position as Librarian.
o   Radiated beauty inside and out.
o   Painstakingly ironed our clothing – including sheets.
o   Taught the Third Grade Sunday School class for many years before graduating to teaching the high school class.
o   Had the gift of hospitality.  Dinner guests were often in our home, and special speakers at our church usually stayed at our house.
o   Shared her love for Jesus and told what he had done in her life to everyone new person she met including waitresses, flight attendants, store clerks.
o   Role modeled a Christian life to all who knew her.


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A genealogist and writer who has uncovered legacy stories which must be told. I also write a blog, Deciphering Life, trying to figure out why life becomes so tangled --
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2 Responses to Memories of Mom

  1. Richard Lee Green says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Nina………Praise God for His blessings!


  2. 9awalsh says:

    Thanks, Richard. Amen!


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