6 Stress Relievers

cards 2

These are my favorite stress relievers or time fillers/wasters when I don’t want to do something else — like houseclean or organize a closet.  These activities  might  work for you too.  My favorites (not in any order) are —

1.  Playing piano.
2.  Chatting with a friend in person or on the phone.
3.  Vegging on the Internet.
4.  Gardening or just sitting looking at my garden.
5.  Reading for pleasure.
6.  Playing a card or board game with a friend.

I want to share my FAVORITE game with you!!!  Three to Thirteen.  Dear friends taught us this game over a dozen years ago.  Alien spouse dislikes games, but this is one he enjoys.  Someone who has second grade math under their belt can play.  Two or three people need one deck of playing cards.  Four players need two decks of cards, and six need three. The simple premise to win is to have the lowest score.  Eleven hands, from 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. cards up to 13 cards in a hand comprise the game.  The goal is to make one or more sets of at least 3 cards by having the same number/value cards in a variety of suits or having consecutive numbered cards in the same suit.  Each card is worth the number on the card in points.  Face cards —
Ace = 1 (worth 1 point)
Jack = 11 (worth 10 points)
Queen = 12 (worth 10 points)
King = 13 (worth 10 points)
The Joker is wild (can be whatever card you want it to be) as is the number card for the number of cards in your hand — for example:  the first hand has 3 cards, so number 3 cards in all suits are wild.  The next hand has 4 cards, and the number 4 cards are wild, and so on up to having 13 cards in your hand with the King being wild.  The winner has the lowest score.
The best advice for winning is to not be caught with high cards in your hand unless they are in a set of at least 3.

This is a great game to play while waiting in a doctor’s office, at a restaurant, on a plane, anywhere you need to fill time.

The official rules can be found here.

How do you relax to just enjoy life?  Please share!


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