Re:Write – the Ragged Edge (Christian Writers’ Conference)

RE-WRITESpeakers:  Ted Dekker, Mary DeMuth, James Rubart, Sandi Krakowski, Kevin Kaiser, Esther Feddorkevich, Rusty Shelton, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Susan May Warren, Rachelle Dekker, Chad Allen, Ruth Soukup, George Barna, and Mark Batterson.

Nuggets I gleaned from the speakers:

We are all storytellers and we are here to rewrite what we believe our story is.

Look to the future of our writing. We have a past which God wants us to remember, and, in our remembering, to recall his faithfulness.  He is here in our present as he calls himself the Great I AM, not I was.  Our future is to grow the kingdom of God with our words!  Nothing significant every happens in the kingdom until death occurs.  A seed must die to grow.  Resurrection comes after death.

There is a glory inside of you which you cannot see.  Step out of the shadows.  Seize the day!  It’s not about the writing; it’s about the transformation God wants to do within you.

The secret to being published is to be completely vulnerable and naked.

Writers have a God complex.  If you don’t like the world, you make a new one.

Your writing group helps you to push your flywheel until you have momentum going.  You cannot stop pushing.

Blogging and social media are the new hand-sellers.

Twitter and Pinterest are invaluable tools to get noticed.

Writing is seeking truth.  It is a spiritual practice.  Two speakers emphasized — if God has called you to write and you are not, you are in disobedience to God.  Two others said they take off their shoes when they enter their writing space, as that is holy ground.

Write from the pain in your life.  The way to wholeness is vulnerability.

Embrace the power of small things.  Attempt to do something your aren’t currently doing.

Amazon is driving the book market today.

Publishers aren’t looking for good writers, but good marketers.  Amazon’s mindset is totally different — they want to sell book as cheaply as possible, even selling at a loss.  They want customers.   They invented the Kindle and were the only ebook player.  Then they became a publisher of paper copy — on demand.  Now they have an ebook subscription program.  For a monthly fee, you can get any book amazon has.

The average American reads 5 books a year.

Mark Batterson’s Keynote speech:  The power of a mustard seed growing to a tree where birds can nest.  Your book is a mustard seed which can have unintended consequences (such as birds nesting in trees).  These unintended consequences are the work of God.



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A genealogist and writer who has uncovered legacy stories which must be told. I also write a blog, Deciphering Life, trying to figure out why life becomes so tangled --
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2 Responses to Re:Write – the Ragged Edge (Christian Writers’ Conference)

  1. janrichwil says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these thought-provoking ideas. I was thinking that I am not being a good steward of my time when I write, but this post has me thinking differently. I have had writer’s block and now I am thinking of many things I could share. I hope I can be as honest as you are in your writing.


  2. 9awalsh says:

    You can! You write beautifully and from the heart.


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