Do You Have Memories of Articulate Home-Grown Maxims?

Dark Teal
My Dad used to say, “This food has a taint to it.  T’ain’t enough!”
My mother had some memorable expressions:  “Heavens to mergatroid” and “Nerts-gie-fagen.”
My father-in-law would preface a disparaging remark with, “Saying it kindly. . .”
My mother-in-law warned her children with, “Be as good as you can.”
My husband used to tell our kids brusquely, “I want to tell you something, and I want you NEVER to forget it!!!” Then in a sweeter voice, “I love you.”
What will my kids remember me saying?  “Hurry up!”  “Are your teeth brushed?”  “Come inside!  You need to practice piano!” (or harp or cello).  “Pick up your room!” Hopefully, they also remember, “I love you soooo much!”  They will also remember my slip-ups.  One of the more famous ones is “showdered pugar” which once came out accidentally instead of “powdered sugar,” but it stuck!
A friend recently wrote, “My pappy used to say:  ‘Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.'”
An author, friend/mentor of mine, Mary DeMuth,wrote:  “Be wildly and audaciously LOVED.  Give what you receive.  See others as Jesus sees you.  Settle your worth.”  It has been immortalized on a plaque you can purchase from Red Letter Words — pictured above.  Available in three colors.

Are there sayings from loved ones which stick with you?  Please share.


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