7 Ways to Slay a Dragon

dragonMichael Hyatt wrote a blog post – “Slay Your Dragons Before Lunch” directing the reader to a podcast.

He is a morning person.  If you are too, check out his podcast.  I am NOT!  I am a night owl.  (It is now 11:15pm!)  If you are more on my schedule, here are my Dragon Slaying Tips:

1.  Make sure everything is done and house is in order — dishes out of sight (whether clean or dirty), beds made (even if it is 4pm), papers and clothes where they belong, important emails read, morning rituals such as exercising and Bible reading, etc.  As a college student, I could not do homework unless my room was in perfect order.  Today, if my house is not in basic order, I cannot concentrate on writing.

2.  The dog’s needs cared for — fed, outdoor walk, playtime.

3.  I always have a To Do list for the coming week with calls to make, errands to run, and at home projects.  Accomplish the goals for today and review the ones to do in the near future.

4.  Have a multi-day plan for your research, writing, and editing with goals to achieve.

5.  Aside from other appointments, plans, meals for the day, family activities, the rest of the day is devoted to writing until bedtime — which could be after midnight some nights.  BUT. . .  Dragons like to squelch my plans. . .

6.  My biggest dragon is the one which makes me become waylaid in my quest for major accomplishment.  He lures me into a home project, deadheading my garden, pleasure reading, chatting with neighbors, playing piano, trying to teach Toby to fetch. It is so easy to not be focused every waking moment.  Once started on this path, it is difficult to remove oneself from that trail.  Self control is required!

7.  Dragon slaying is a constant battle.  Sometimes it is easier to play with the dragon than to try to defeat him.  For instance:  if you have the urge to go for a Starbucks, take your computer! The ambient noise of the experience could kick-start your creativity.  At least, that is what I read in Novel Rocket.  Actually, getting away from the pull of things to do at home may be the best way to slay a dragon!

How do you slay your dragons?


About 9awalsh

A genealogist and writer who has uncovered legacy stories which must be told. I also write a blog, Deciphering Life, trying to figure out why life becomes so tangled -- www.9awalsh.wordpress.com
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