Thoughts on Grocery Shopping

Grocery ShoppingWhen children are small, grocery shopping can be a challenge if you have a challenging child, which I did.  I had a perfectly well-behaved little girl and a perfectly not well-behaved little boy.  I brought treats with me to the grocery store to reinforce Karin’s good behavior and to distract Greg from causing too much trouble.  Karin asked, “Why does Greg get cookies for being bad?”  Excellent question!  Once she understood the difference, my creative parenting worked.

As a working mother/wife, I found the best time to grocery shop was Sunday night, after the kids were in bed.  I would wander the aisles of Schnucks at 10 pm with no crowds or lines to navigate.  I could sweep through the store with ease following my list. The list!  A list had to be created.  Which meant, I had to sit down with recipes, decide what we were going to eat, jotting down the ingredients needed to accomplish these meals.

I found this task to be onerous on a weekly basis.  I could plan two weeks of meals as easily as one!  Thus my grocery shopping time was cut to once EVERY OTHER week except for milk, bread, and other essentials as needed.  And, for the coming two weeks, I knew exactly what we were going to eat every day! I still think I was brilliant!

Last night, a Friday night, I was in the grocery store stocking up for the coming days.  Friday night is not my normal time to be found in a grocery store!  But there I was.  Instead of mothers with young children, it seemed to be couples night out at Kroger!  I don’t remember seeing children, just couples.  Has date night become grocery shopping time?  Actually, these are very lucky women to have a man interested in being a part of meal planning and, hopefully, preparation too!  I never experienced that type of assistance, nor did my mother.  It was a different era.


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2 Responses to Thoughts on Grocery Shopping

  1. mpschrauwers says:

    In my current life, grocery shopping alone could be compared to a day at the spa.


  2. 9awalsh says:

    Yes, my late Sunday nights in the grocery store were a reprieve from home duties.


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