My Favorite Game

card drawingsSketches by Kevin Faulkner, age 10

Do most old people have a favorite game they like to play over and over ad infinitum??  My mother did:  Racko.  She played with anyone and everyone who could be coerced.  After she was gone, more than one of her grandchildren wanted Grandma’s set of Racko!

I have fallen upon my favorite game:  3 to 13.  I claim it as my “old lady pastime.”  Dear friends taught this game to my alien spouse and me about a dozen years ago.  Alien spouse, who hates all games, likes this one.  We played it together often — at home, on airplanes, even in the car (but that didn’t work very well), and we taught it to our family and friends.  I introduced it to my 10 year old grandson more than a year ago.  It now is a staple when we are together.  Having him keep score reinforces his math skills.  Again, a great airplane game.  If we are caught waiting somewhere, he is upset if a deck of cards is not in my purse!

This summer we played with the couple who taught me the game.  I never can beat them, especially Diane.   But that night Kevin won, and I was second!  Definitely a momentous occasion!

It is an extremely simple game, though I have encountered a few who could not catch onto it.  It is totally luck.  There is a little bit of skill but not much.  Any seeming finesse is totally by chance.  The person with the smallest score is the winner.

This site has the rules —  These rules say you need two decks for 3 players.  Not true.  3 players can use one deck, but 4 players do need two decks.

Why do I like it?  It is a nearly mindless game.  Although, if you aren’t paying attention, you may discard the current “free” card.   The fun is in playing — whether you win or lose.

I hope you try it, and let me know what you think!!!


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