The Astonishing Tale of a Limo Driver


Juan described himself as Spanish-Mexican as his grandparents came from Spain to Mexico.   He was born in the US.  He has a unique Spanish eye color which varies from hazel to brown depending on his clothing.

Since my grandson was with me, he asked how many grandchildren I have.  My reply:  “It is complicated.  I have three grandchildren, four step grandchildren, two step great grandchildren, and one step in-law grandchild.”  He has four grandchildren and four step grandchildren.  I mentioned I had moved to Fort Worth almost two years ago to be close to my son’s family.  He asked why.  “My alien spouse took off, so I moved.”  He confessed he had left his wife of over thirty years, three times in recent years.  Something compelled him to return home each time.  Then he declared God brings people into our lives at certain times for a reason.

Over a year ago, a client sensed God’s leading to pray with Juan which prompted Juan to confess his marriage was in trouble.  They exchanged contact information to continue their conversations.  A few months later, the new Boston friend invited Juan to a men’s conference called “How to Love Your Wife.”  Juan said he could not afford to fly to Boston.  His friend encouraged him to think about it.  The next time they talked, the friend proposed, if Juan could pay the $99 conference fee, he would pay for the plane ticket.  The major take away from the conference was – you cannot change your wife.  You can only change yourself, and your wife will follow your lead.

With God’s help, the marriage is doing well.  They spent their thirty-fourth wedding anniversary in Boston with the friend and his wife.  Juan took them on a harbor dinner cruise as a thank you.

We talked about God having a plan for our lives and everything happens for a purpose.  This blessed man eagerly shared his story of the miracle God worked in his life through a stranger reaching out to him.


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