It Must Be a Full Moon

What is the reason for craziness happening at full moon time?  No one knows, but medical professionals, in particular, can attest there is something to the “theory” of full moon lunacy.  This is a question google cannot answer with confidence nor will we ever know for sure in this life.

My world has been reeling this past week before the full moon even came.  It began two weekends ago when three of us had computers in the same hotel room.  I was wedged between the bed and desk with mine.  As I stood to walk away, my hand was resting on my mouse.  By moving, I inadvertently pushed the mouse in such a way that it duplicated my entire MS Outlook email inbox (which is excessively humongous) into another folder.  It took three days to complete the mess!  I have spent hours on the phone with Microsoft for Mac people — about two hours per day for eight days!  I can see normal on the horizon now, but we are not there yet.  Plus I have two new best friends from the Philippines — Hersheanne and Kaleem.  God bless them!  Most of this technical stuff is over my head, but I learned a few things.  I do have a subscription to Carbonite to backup my system constantly, but Carbonite does NOT back up IMAP emails as they are only on the host server.  I already had an issue with IMAP email.  It was not working for me on many levels.  I had become too comfortable with POP email features.  And now that I know Carbonite is no help with IMAP email, I must revert to POP.  However, my very techie friend explained to the Carbonite agent that Time Machine is backed up and does contain the information I lack.  That was another three day download over this past weekend.  When I told the MS tech, he said it was unnecessary because he had saved a backup.  The restored Time Machine back up would have reverted me to April 10, when Kaleem had made considerable strides in solving my issues on April 11.  Kaleem’s backup was restored today, so I am back to my April 11 status.  Still much work to be done to be “normal.”

Meanwhile, other crazies in my life were attempting to spin out of control during the full moon.  The celestial event is now past as well as Mars’ closest orbit to earth since 2008, a mere 57 million miles.  Thank God for my contacts and friends who maintain an equilibrium.  Actually, thank God for Himself!  I was stewing about a festering issue in my life wondering what my next step should be, when I heard a voice say, “Stop worrying!  It is all in my hands.  Everything will be alright eventually.  Just let it rest with me.”  Thank you, Lord!



About 9awalsh

A genealogist and writer who has uncovered legacy stories which must be told. I also write a blog, Deciphering Life, trying to figure out why life becomes so tangled --
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