Yukon 1 Yukon 2

I met my new dog tonight.  I think I was nervous.  I certainly encountered daffy bloopers all evening.  I was to be at the rescue home at 6:30.  At 6:05, I backed out of my garage to set my GPS.  I normally type the address and other pertinent information in my calendar with the appointment.  It was not there.  Not even a phone no.  If I had not put it on my calendar, where on earth would it be?  I went back in the house, scratched my head, called the rescue person who did my home study, no answer and left a panicked voicemail, looked through To Do papers on my desk for an address hastily scratched down, used Spotlight on my Mac. . .  Nothing.  Finally thought of looking in my email file called “Pets.”  Aha!  Had to call to make sure I could still come even though I was late.  Grabbed what I thought was a can of Perrier and headed out.  When almost to my destination, I emptied my can of “water,” and noted it was not a Perrier can.  It was a Bud Lime-A-Rita!!!!  Oh, my. . .   Crazy!!!!  I wanted the Perrier to calm a gassy (probably nervous) stomach which it did accomplish.

Her four dogs met me at the door.  The two sibling collie-border collie mixes are large and well-behaved.  She has adopted them.  The two labs were a bit more eager.  The black one jumped on me, and Yukon sniffed me all over as if he could smell dog on me.  ??  I expected someone who was willing to keep rescue dogs would not have a “nice” house.  It would be a dog-house.  Not this one!  The four dogs in this home live in luxury!  Expansive, nicely furnished, very lovely.  My home is just a little bungalow cottage compared to this one.

The dogs’ crates are in her family room.  She showed me how readily Yukon will enter his crate upon command, and receives a treat.  Well, he is no dummy.  He walked out of his crate and back in several times demanding another treat!  LOL

Yukon has had an unfortunate life, though no mistreatment was involved.  The first owner died on his motorcycle.  A relative kept him for a while then handed him over to the shelter.  He is supposed to be AKC registered, though the rescue does not have his papers.  He does have wavy hair down his back which Guinness’s breeder told me was a sign of good breeding.  His eyes are yellow, as were Hershey’s, which means he is a “dud.”  There can be no aspirations of being a show dog with yellow eyes!  He is being treated for heartworms.  He knows how to sit on command and pays attention to his name when called.  He does not know “Come” or “Down,” and tugs when walked.  We will need some additional command training which will be a good bonding experience.  He is definitely calmer than either Guinness or Hershey; that is not a good thing necessarily.  I want a fun dog.  He pulled a trick on his foster mother!  He stole an amaryllis bulb out of a pot on her patio as we sat talking.  That’s my boy!  She says he has never done anything like that before.  He seems to like me, but was not overly excited.  He was not begging me to take him home, nor am I ready to bring him home for a couple of weeks.  Plus I forgot to bring a check book.  He seemed to understand when his foster mom told him he will be going home with a new mom soon and seemed ready to leave.

My last boner of the night was, after driving down the street, I could not find my phone in my purse or on the center console — the normal places.  I assumed I left it in the house, drove back, opened the car door.  The interior light flooded the car revealing the phone on the passenger seat.  There was one more boo-boo.  I missed my exit.  No excuse.  Must be nerves/excitement!


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7 Responses to Twitterpated

  1. Keiko says:

    Hi Nina,
    I saw your photo on the Facebook and then clicked to read your blog.
    My reaction when I saw the photo on the Facebook was “you and Guinness”.
    Then read your posting.

    It seems to me that you and Yukon are like destined soul mate. Poor Yukon whose first owner died of motorcycle.

    How old is he?
    Sooooo happy for you and very very nice of you to rescue!


  2. 9awalsh says:

    He is not quite 4 years old. He seems to be a very sweet dog. Much more laid-back than I am used to! LOL But I loved Guinness’s craziness! Thanks.


  3. Keiko says:

    You would not be able to find a dog like Guinness, LOL. He was a quite character.
    I watched ” Marley and Me” the other day and reminded of you.
    Well, it has been only a couple of days. Yukon’s gone to different people.
    I bet he misses the lady who you got from,too.
    It will take a little time till he’s assured that you will be the forever family.

    A 14 year old Australian Shepard? Hope Smartie would live that long,too.

    Spoil Yukon as much as you want! He deserves it, LOL.


    • 9awalsh says:

      I don’t have him yet. Not for 2 more weeks! I was not prepared to bring him home that night, nor did I even think it was a possibility. Also I cannot give him the attention he needs for the next two weeks.


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