Painting Trick for Smooth Edges

paint line

This blog is about Deciphering Life.  A sticky life problem I have faced is painting textured walls and ceilings, yet still have a straight line between.  I think the solution fits the title of my blog!

I happened across some useful painting information if you have textured walls.  Have you ever wondered how to have a straight line between your wall paint and ceiling paint?  Fortunately, I am very happy with the wall paint in my new (is it still new after 1.5 years?!) home.  This is my first home with textured walls, and I sure did not know how to make that straight line at the edge!  I have done some painting in my son’s home.  Using painters’ tape is useless as the paint flows under the tape.  To try to accomplish that fine line, I used a child’s small paintbrush to painstakingly attempt to create a clean line.  It was the best I could do, but not totally successful.  Today, I learned the trick!

First, paint the ceiling, and paint down the wall three inches.  The next step is to use painters’ tape along the ceiling at the top of the wall.  Paint that edge with ceiling paint again allowing the paint to fill in under the bumpy taped edge creating a barrier for the wall paint.  After that paint is completely dry (you could be painting your wall while waiting for the edge ceiling paint to dry!), paint the top part of the wall right over the tape on the ceiling.  While the wall paint is still damp, carefully remove the tape from the ceiling.  You will have a straight line!!!  Magic!

Happy painting!


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  1. mpschrauwers says:

    Awesome! Thanks!!! 🙂


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