Home Coming Blues

Throughout my childhood, my parents would reach our driveway after being away and exclaim, “Home sweet home!”  I never did, and still do not.  Being away is so much more fun than being at home with responsibilities, work, and the dreaded catch up. January 2, 2014, I packed my bags to return home, giving my grandson plenty of hugs and kisses before walking into the airport.

In recent flights, I have been told I am pre-screened and did not need to remove my shoes.  Today, I was sent to a separate line for screening which simply required sending my carry-ons through the screener and walk through the people screener.  There were no bins for a jacket, computer, liquids, etc.  Apparently, they have decided I am not a terrorist threat, just a silly old woman who talks too much.  I wished them all a Happy New Year, and said, “Bless you” when the screener of carry-ons sneezed.  She told me she has severe allergies and sneezes year round.  I told her about my friend whose allergist said, “It can’t get any worse,” as she is allergic to all trees and all fruit from trees.  Several around expressed sympathy to my friend.

I checked my boarding pass for the gate I needed to find:  D13.  Really?  They have gates numbered 13?  I found that interesting and a bit disconcerting.  Over Christmas, I realized we moved into Townhouse 13 of The Hamptons of North Shore in 1999.  Last August 2012,  I moved out after having lost my daughter to cancer and my husband to adultery.  I am not superstitious, but should I be?  With these second thoughts in mind, I prayed, not so much for my safety, but for God’s will to be done in whatever happens today. The flight was late but uneventful.

I completed reading “O Little Town” (review will be coming shortly!) on my iPad and began another great read – “The Husband’s Secret.”  The connecting flight was also late, arriving in Dallas later than anticipated.  My daughter-in-law had arrived early, leaving her sick babies at home with their big brother.  I received a text from her just as we were touching down — a new perk for travelers to have online access while taking off and landing — and could let her know what was happening.

She picked me up in my car, as hers is in the shop for some work.  Before arriving home, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for dinner.  I ordered my favorite salad, but did not eat with them at their house, as I do not want to be exposed to the boys’ illness.  I left to drive home, but. . .  Oh! My!  In just two weeks, I have totally forgotten how my car works!  Greg told me while I was away, he read the new 2014 Acuras are wonderful cars but extremely complicated technically.  I can say Amen to that!  But I didn’t expect to forget everything in just two weeks!!!  As I left Cathi’s house, I could not remember (1) how to bring up my favorite radio station, (2) how to turn the fan down, (3) how to adjust the steering wheel, and (4) how to make a phone call.  I stopped a couple of blocks from their house to figure these things out.  As I was working on them, she called to say I still have her garage door opener in my car.  I informed her I was just around the corner and would bring it back if she would reteach me how to use my car.  I had figured out the fan; she found my favorite station; but the rest I need to figure out in time.

I pulled into my driveway, noted my yard Christmas decorations were not lit, pressed my garage door opener, and nothing happened.  Since I cannot remember how to make a call from my fancy dash screens, I called DIL using my cellphone.  She said she had to press the button several times before it opened for her while I was away.  Meanwhile, my neighbor greeted me, and told me she had just unplugged my decorations.  I have such great neighbors!  She offered her husband to help.  But I said I could use my cellphone flashlight to find my hidden key.  Once inside, I grabbed my second opener which also would not work.  Strange that both batteries would die simultaneously.  This problem is yet to be resolved.  Meanwhile, my car is in the garage; the door is shut thanks to the wall button; I and my luggage are in the house.

I opened my salad to discover it had crispy chicken.  Being gluten intolerant, I can only eat grilled chicken.  I had neglected to make that distinction in my order.  I sliced off the coating and picked the little pieces of crispy crust out of the salad.  I set up my computer and sat down with my salad to commune online through dinner.   My computer could not find my home wi-fi, forcing me to call my technological guru to solve my problem (reboot the router and restart my computer).  I listened to the story of her major problems of a water leak which a plumber cannot locate.  Meanwhile a wall and carpeting are ruined, yet the leak is not repaired as it has mysteriously stopped.  Her problems dwarfed my annoyances of the day.


About 9awalsh

A genealogist and writer who has uncovered legacy stories which must be told. I also write a blog, Deciphering Life, trying to figure out why life becomes so tangled -- www.9awalsh.wordpress.com
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