Random Thoughts for Writers

Gleaned from Re:Write 2013, a Christian Writers Conference:

re write

A teenager reads 7 hours a day, but not books.
The best human inventions are now in our pockets.
We are a skimming culture.
Reading time is being drowned out by other media options.
Currently, 17% of the entire population is antagonistic to the Bible, but 29% of Millennials are antagonistic to the Bible.
There are adultery apps!  Our world is off the rails.
Digital publishing is transformational to the business.
Many of us have a stack of long books we have not finished.
Concise reads are gaining momentum.
58% of the US population never reads another book after high school.
God puts books into the right hands at the right time.
Say old things in new ways.
Use technology for God’s purposes.
Writers are inspired by God.
You need a God idea, not just a good idea.
In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light.”  Those four words are still creating new galaxies. The beautiful thing about writing books:  these words will continue to travel!
A writer needs perseverance.
The greater the authenticity of our writing, the greater our value to our readers.
We need cheerleaders in our lives; we need to love our readers.
Publishing does not validate you as a person.
Writing is listening — what makes your cry?  Listen to your crazy ideas.
Embrace wonder.
Writers contend more with fear than anything.
We need to write from a place of joy and beauty.
You can only have peace and contentment when you find the Father.
Authors must be credible.
Your content must show you are an expert.
Understand the emerging values system of America – a seismic values shift is in progress: (moving rapidly from / to)
– a historically theistic Christian worldview / a postmodern, existentialist worldview
– active church member / not religious; work hard
– produce excellence / work as necessary, produce enough to get by
– be loyal / seek personally advantageous outcomes
– everyone has better, richer, fuller life opportunities based on abilities and achievements / freedom for anyone to live however they choose
– trust declining in social institutions (banks, Congress, Presidency, churches, Supreme Court, schools, marriage, big businesses, organized labor / declining trust in social institutions
American morality is no longer synonymous with Christian morality.  There are no moral absolutes – all morality is conditional.
Traditional immorality is acceptable
The writer as leader:
– present clear, completing vision
– motivate service
– mobilize people for impact
– challenge readers’ worldview with realistic view of reality


with Ted Dekker


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