A New World View

Below is Diane Eble’s online devotional for Tuesday, July 23, 2013.
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from the New Living Translation:

“‘What sorrow awaits Assyria, the rod of my anger.
I use it as a club to express my anger.
But the king of Assyria will not understand that he is my tool;
his mind does not work that way.
His plan is simply to destroy,
to cut down nation after nation.’

After the Lord has used the king of Assyria to accomplish his purposes on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, he will turn against the king of Assyria and punish him—for he is proud and arrogant.”

Isaiah 10:5, 7, 12

view in context
encouragement for today
The rulers of this world may believe they act on their own power, but they do not. No government is apart from what God allows to accomplish his own purposes. We can take comfort in this reality in an age of terrorism and political upheaval. God is in control of everything!

—Diane Eble, author of Abundant Gifts: A Daybook of Grace-Filled Devotions>>

I totally agree with her.  I am horribly upset by the politics of the day, the extreme polarization of political positions.   I am disturbed by watching  more and more freedoms disappearing.  I also can see prophecies of the last times being fulfilled.  If God is going to fulfill what he said will someday happen, he has to shift the world from the direction it was headed into a new view.  Even in my personal life, God has taken precious things from me and replaced them with new vistas which are more than satisfying.

God does change us when we allow him to have his way.  If we fight his decisions, we are miserable, bitter people.  When I become upset with the politics around me, I have to release my negative reactions and realize these things are hastening the day when I can be worshiping God face to face.


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