Fly It If You’ve Got It


From the Senior Pastor of my Methodist Church:

Dear Lighthouse Family,

FLY IT IF YOU’VE GOT IT:  It’s Memorial Day weekend.  A time when our nation pauses to remember the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have died in service to our country.  Wikipedia says that the highest loss of lives occurred in the Civil War, with 625,000, followed by World War II with over 405,000, then WW I, with over 116,000, Vietnam over 58,000.  The current War on Terror that began in 2001 has cost 6,280 lives. The total for all wars?  Over 1,300,000…
On Jan. 1, 1945, Frank Winfield Briggs died from wounds he received on New Year’s Eve in the Philippines.  Before she woke on New Years Day, his mom, my grandmother, was awakened to a vision of her son Frank standing before her bed, she says she knew what the vision meant.  I carry Uncle Frank’s name, the name of a man I never met- and yet his sacrifice, and the sacrifices of countless others, has provided me, us, with the privilege of living freely in the this great nation.
Pray with me please:  Oh Lord, on this weekend we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and we lift up their memories and also pray dear Lord that you would encourage spouses, moms and dads, sisters and brothers everywhere who have had to deal very personally with their deaths.  We remember them God and we thank them for the witness they give to all of us about the importance of the freedoms we have been given.  And we thank you that their sacrifices remind us of the greatest sacrifice of all time, when you gave your Son to die for us so that we might experience freedom in this life, and the life to come, regardless of our geographical location on this planet.
We thank you for all the men and women who continue to serve so faithfully and we pray that your love and compassion would be extended to their families as well.  In the name of the Risen One we pray…Amen.
So get out there and put up your flag, post one in the yard ,and help remind everyone that freedom isn’t free, it is a gift not to be taken for granted.
Let’s remember the Psalmist said blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.  It is up to us to help a new generation of people understand this…for how we live today and help others see the power of the Almighty through our lives, determines the future of our country and our world.
I’m proud to be an American, and humbled that God would love even me.

The Dots Continue…:  Part two of our “dot” series continues Sunday as we look at the second chapter of Philippians in our examination of Spirit-led living.  Do you ever have any struggles with people???  At times, all of us do.  Paul has some very clear direction to us about how to stay connected to our Joy in spite of the often challenging situations that arise with other people.
Join me as we explore Paul’s timely encouragement about how to navigate the often difficult waters in our message this week titled, “Joy > Other People.”  Come and connect the dots with me.

Have a terrific weekend, enjoy the rain and give thanks to Him who provides freedom EVERYDAY, through Jesus and the power of His Spirit.

Your Servant in Christ,



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