Flying in the Face of the Future


One of the verses I remember learning as a young child is Matthew 6:26  – “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”  I have spent many years ruminating on that verse and what it means.  I have heard of people who take this passage literally — that they do not need to work to provide food and shelter for their family.  Somehow God will supply their needs.

Yet God expected Adam to work by the sweat of his brow – Genesis 3:19.  And he expects all of mankind to produce value for their provisions.  It is oft quoted – “God helps those who help themselves,” as if it were a verse from the Bible, which it is not.  It is actually a moral from Ancient Greece.  Although, there is some spiritual significance in that phase as God does help those who help themselves, but he also helps those who are helpless.  The key is God helps those who call upon him.

This spring, I am having the pleasure of watching a pair of House Finches build a home in the wreath on my front door, lay 5 eggs, incubate them, and hatch all 5.   Yes, God is feeding them, but it is not that simple.  The parents have to find the food.  It is not manna which falls from heaven.  And navigating the spring storms when even airplanes cannot fly while keeping the babies warm, safe, and fed is not simple.  As with all teenagers, they are becoming eager to try their wings.

At the point when I learned my forty-two year marriage was dissolving, I became concerned for my future as my spouse had coerced me into spending my pension on something worthwhile, yet not to my benefit.  At that time, I trusted him to be making a wise decision and to be my lifetime financial support. I was fearful for a few seconds until God placed that verse about the birds in my mind.  It is going to be OK.  My trust is in God.  He will work it out.  I can fly into the future without fear.

My Times Are In Thy Hand by Flo Price

My times are in thy hand,
I feel thy presence near;
My times are in thy hand O Lord,
and what have I to fear.
Though I must face the unknown
And man’s deaf ears have turned to stone;
My times are in thy hand O Lord,
And I am not alone.

How has God uplifted you in uncertain situations?


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