Is Boycotting Christian?


I received a FaceBook post sent from one of my friends about this article — and encouraging all their FB friends to boycott Starbucks.

I am not a gay basher.  I have gay friends.  I know the conservative Christian stance is hardline on gays based on some scriptural contexts.  But, as my Anglican Priest said a few years ago, “This is not a ditch the church should die in.”   Besides, “God loves EVERYONE.  He is no respecter of persons” — a sermon I heard last summer.  That statement was jolting to me at the time, because I know people whom, in my mind, God could not love.  But he DOES!  He loves everyone, no matter how horrible we are.  He will punish us for our sins, but he does not remove his love from us.

So, after reading the above referenced article, I thought – is this really the stance Christians should take – to boycott Starbucks for their position?   I don’t think so.  As Christians, we are called to love at all times.  I must confess that I don’t have that perfected yet, but I am trying.  In fact, why should I punish myself (I do LOVE Starbucks coffees) because of someone else’s offensive political or religious stand?  I see boycotting Starbucks as a detriment to my enjoyment, nor would it change anyone’s mind on what they think is right.  Starbucks would not suffer; only I would suffer.  We need to remember God’s grace — especially this week with Easter ahead of us.  Jesus died for sinners, and we all are sinners.  No one is perfect or lives a pure life.  Well, I come close!  😉

I would love to hear comments back from my readers!  If you have an opinion, voice it!


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