Eagle’s Wings

Bald Eagles

I was in the process of writing a post titled “Eagle’s Wings” a month ago when my 1 year and 4 month old Macbook Air crashed!  That is NOT supposed to happen to Macs.  I think the crash had been coming for a long time, because I frequently had something wrong with my computer.  I was constantly phoning Applecare or going in to the Genius Bar to have something fixed.  I am disappointed Apple did not pick up on the fact they sold me a lemon sooner.

By the time Applecare diagnosed my hard drive as crashing, it was too late to do a backup on an external drive.  Fortunately, my files are backedup by Carbonite.  It took a full seven days plus eleven hours to retrieve them!  Yes, this is an advertisement for Carbonite.  Everything is intact, except my non-Apple software.  Some are restored; some I am having difficulty getting back without buying again.  Plus the driver for my printer is no longer supported.  I have to buy a new printer!

During this month of restoration, my old PC laptop has hummed away allowing me to communicate, research, and pay bills.

The experience reminds me of life.  God’s word tells us there will be problems in life.  Our apple tree will sometimes bear a lemon or two or three, or our structured life crumbles around us leaving us in devastation.  But, praise God, he holds our backup!  If we depend upon him, we will find fulfillment, have our lives refreshed and made new.  We still may need some tweaking here or there, but, in the end, everything is better than ever.  Improved versions have replaced the old burdensome riffraff.

Fortunately, during the period of restoration, the Holy Spirit continues to hum away, keeping us on an even keel.

I have no memory of what the Eagle’s Wings post was about.  But the title and the song are appropriate for this post after all!

EAGLE’S WINGS by Michael Joncas

1.  You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord, who abide in his shadow for life, say to the Lord:  “My refuge, my rock in whom I trust.”

REFRAIN:  And I will raise you up on eagle’s wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the sun, and hold you safely in the palm of his hand.

2.  The snare of the fowler will never capture you, and famine will bring you no fear:  under his wings your refuge, his faithfulness your shield.

3.  For to his angels he’s given a command to guard you in all of your ways; upon their hands they will bear you, lest you dash your foot against a stone.


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A genealogist and writer who has uncovered legacy stories which must be told. I also write a blog, Deciphering Life, trying to figure out why life becomes so tangled -- www.9awalsh.wordpress.com
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One Response to Eagle’s Wings

  1. I love this song *and* this sentiment! Thank you for your ongoing testimony, Nina.


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